carousel manufacturing

High level of automation:
With the Carousel process, triple or quadruple moulding troughs are circulated. Before the concrete is poured, tensioning wires are fitted and tensioned in the moulding troughs. After pouring, the moulding troughs are stored in climatic chambers until the concrete has cured sufficiently to permit the tension to be transferred from the trough to the sleepers. After tension transfer, the sleepers are de-moulded. The moulds are cleaned and returned for the next manufacturing cycle.

Survey of the advantages:
  • High level of automation
  • Low personnel requirements
  • No high green strength of the concrete necessary
  • Expandable automation stages

Manufacturing options using the Carousel process:
Standard rail sleepers
Slab tracks

De-moduling line with dry storage in the background
carousel process
Mould with hardened sleepers after being taken out from the dry storage

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