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production of prestressed concrete sleepers

P-TEC's core competence is based on many decades of acquired know-how. Our core activity is the development of manufacturing procedures for the efficient production of prestressed concrete sleepers.

Founded in 2002 by the entrepreneurs Klaus Mamedof and Johannes Hölzl, P-TEC emerged from the previous Sleeper Division of DSI (DYWIDAG Systems International). Enthusiasm, new ideas, competence, and exceptional eagerness to work are the distinguishing features of the successful P-TEC team.

Solutions for a profitable present and a secure future
Based on our comprehensive and continually growing wealth of experience, we strive to improve established manufacturing procedures. New solutions are tested and implemented systematically.
Whether a manually-oriented plant concept or a fully automated production line: P-TEC offers a comprehensive portfolio for manufacturers.

Furthermore, and supported by our know-how, we provide solutions for the most varied areas of machine and plant technology. Hereby, the focus lies on the design and development of plant components as well as the implementation and modernization of plant control systems.

The P-TEC group The P-TEC group
Comprehensive expertise.
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Johannes Hölzl Klaus Mamedof Company managers
Passion for technology and perfection.
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sleeper technology History
The stages of a company that puts its mark on sleeper technology
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mission statement Mission statement
The promise of success
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