standard rail sleeper

components for manufacturing standard prestressed concrete sleepers
P-TEC supplies all the components for manufacturing standard prestressed concrete sleepers.

Flexibility with an established system
Standard sleepers for ballast roadbeds and a gauge of 1435 mm are covered completely by EN guidelines. Other track widths, such as the wide gauge in Spain and Portugal, are calculated and dimensioned on the basis of assumptions and specifications derived from the EN guidelines.

Since 1949 more than 160 million prestressed concrete sleepers manufactured worldwide in DYWIDAG or P-TEC plants have been installed as normal sleepers – also in tracks for industrial railways, tramways, and underground railways. Prestressed concrete sleepers produced in P-TEC plants ensure adherence to all important geometric values such as gauge and cant of the rail seat. Typical examples of standard sleepers are:

DescriptionGaugeRail cant
B58 1435 1:40
AI99 1435 1:20

Survey of the advantages of standard rail sleepers:
  • Short implementation times
  • Low building costs compared to slab tracks
  • Suitable for high-speed applications

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