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With one of our manufacturing options »immediate de-moulding« or »late de-moulding« P-TEC will find the most suitable and economical plant concept for your specific site conditions. Labour costs, product variance, quality of aggregates (especially the cement), and the required daily output are the determining factors when selecting the ideal manufacturing process.

Flexible manufacturing with a minimum no. of moulds
With this procedure, the concrete sleepers are de-moulded in a very short time after compaction. Only a limited number of sleeper moulds is required. With its optional DSA or DSR processes, P-TEC offers two perfected manufacturing systems for immediate de-moulding.

DSA DSA DYWIDAG Tensioning Anchor System
Manufacturing system with utmost flexibility
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DSR DSR DYWIDAG Tensioning Frame System
High level of automation and high pre-tensioning forces
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Economic mass production for a limited range of versions
Late de-moulding processes depend on the availability of top-quality cement. Curing times in excess of 16 hours require additional moulds without increasing output capacity. If only one sleeper type is to be manufactured in large quantities, and if a high degree of automation is required, late de-moulding processes permit highly efficient solutions to be implemented.

carousel Carousel manufacturing
Highly automated manufacturing system
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Long-Line Long Line manufacturing
High pre-tensioning forces and widely variable options for sleeper production
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