production of concrete sleepers using the Long Line process

Production of standard sleepers using the Long Line process
The mould forms are located between two abutments anchored in the factory floor foundation. Tensioning wires (tendons) are threaded through the moulds and pretensioned against the two abutments. When the concrete has been cast, the moulds are covered with a tarpaulin. As with the Carousel method, the concrete cures in the moulds. As soon as the concrete has cured to the necessary strength, the sleepers are de-moulded before the pretension is transferred from the abutments to the sleepers.

Production of turnout sleepers using the Long Line process
For the production of turnout sleepers, which are manufactured as one-piece concrete beams, pretensioning against the tensioning bed is possible in addition to pretensioning against abutments anchored to the foundation.

Survey of the advantages:
  • Very high pre-tensioning forces possible
  • No high green strength of the concrete necessary
  • Exceptionally variable options for turnout sleeper production
  • Expandable automation stages

Manufacturing options using the Long Line procedure:
Standard rail sleepers
Turnout sleepers


production of turnout sleepers
Twin-mould production of turnout sleepers, pre-tensioning against mould frames
pretensioning ageinst the tensioning bed
Automatic saw to seperate the turnout sleepers produced in a continuous beam

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