sleeper design and statics

design and calculations for all types of prestressed concrete sleepers

Possibilities without limits
P-TEC supplies the designs and calculations for all types of prestressed concrete sleepers – from standard versions to sleepers for slab tracks and turnouts up to special sleepers for craneways, etc. Calculations are based on international standards such as EN or AREMA. Modern statics programs permit the design of unconventional sleepers that are not covered by any norms or references, e.g. three-rail sleepers for simultaneous use with wide and standard gauge, or standard and one-meter gauge.

From the first request up to the final proof of quality
The calculations for a sleeper, and the resulting design draft that defines the outer contour as well as the number and location of tendons, are a decisive prerequisite when planning a suitable manufacturing plant. But the reverse approach is also possible: The design of a sleeper according to defined specifications and loads, that is to be produced in an existing plant.

Of course, country-specific regulations and standards are taken into account when calculating and designing new sleepers, in addition to international guidelines. Practical tests carried out on sample sleepers following the design phase show that the conservative calculation methods – if possible, “worst case” conditions are assumed – always result in better values than those predicted by theory.

standard rail sleeper Standard rail sleepers
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turnout sleeper Turnout sleepers
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slab track Slab tracks
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