mission statement Success that is mutual
The success of our customers is also our success. Our entire competence and our best solutions are available to our customers. In this way we help them reach their goals quickly, completely, and permanently.

Customer relations
Our customers have top importance we would not exist without them. We take time to listen to our customer's wishes, and also to their criticism. The business relations with our customers are marked by fairness and mutual trust.

Mutual esteem and an atmosphere of partnership are characteristic for the cooperation with our customers and between our employees.

Price/performance ratio
Related to quality, our products don't cost more than supposedly cheaper products. Because in the long run, buying cheap is more expensive. We place extremely high demands on material, reliability, and function, and supply our manufacturing components, our know-how, and our services for reasonably calculated prices.

Instead of engaging in competitive battles, we concentrate our energy to improve our strengths.

From time to time, accustomed viewpoints need to be reviewed. The ability to question oneself is an essential prerequisite for making maximum use of available potentials, and for opening up new fields.

Our company's Mission Statement was worked out jointly with all our employees. It not only exists on paper, but is practised every day. Our corporate culture is marked by open dialog, mutual respect, clear aims, and determined management:

  • The customer is at the center of our activities.
  • Customer satisfaction sets the standards for the quality of our products and services.
  • We listen actively. We have no fixed opinions, but want to understand our customers and colleagues, and respond to their individual needs.
  • We can only fully exploit our strengths if we subordinate our analytical abilities to the results of a holistic viewpoint.
  • Our aim is a win-win situation for all partners.
  • We make use of existing synergies for all our activities.
  • We stake on innovation and intelligent solutions.
  • We combine enjoyment at work with a positive attitude towards life without taking ourselves too seriously.
  • Every day gives us the opportunity to decide for a friendly and positive attitude to our work.

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