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Employees are the most valuable asset of a company.

Messrs. Klaus Mamedof and Johannes Hölzl are at the head of a flourishing company.
Both of them share a passion for technology and perfection. A passion that is sensed as a driving force throughout the company. As long-standing specialists in their trade, they possess an enormous wealth of experience. Their technical competence and courage to make entrepreneurial decisions are the basis of our success.

Experience in person

Johannes Hölzl
Johannes Hölzl
Johannes Hölzl Johannes Hölzl was born in 1958 in Augsburg. After obtaining his diploma for general Machine Engineering at the Technical University of Munich, he found employment in 1985 with a medium-sized machine building company. From 1990 onwards, he had a leading function in Research and Development. Apart from design and construction, his area of responsibility included the entire control and plant technology.

In December 1996, Mr Hölzl took over management of the Sleeper Division at DSI (DYWIDAG Systems International), whose turnover and earnings increased annually under his leadership. Together with Klaus Mamedof, he founded P-TEC International GmbH at the end of 2002, which took over the entire business activity of the DSI Sleeper Division in a “spin-off”, and is expanding it continuously.
Klaus Mamedof
Klaus Mamedof
Klaus Mamedof Klaus Mamedof was born in Sankt Daniel, Austria in 1952. Following his successful studies at the college of mechanical engineering, he worked in Munich since 1972 as equipment and plant designer for Dyckerhoff & Widmann in the Sleeper Department. His expert competence quickly made him become the direct contact for customers.

During many years of worldwide activity in the area of plant technology and the manufacture of the most varied types of sleeper, he acquired comprehensive expertise in sleeper technology. This wealth of practical experience enabled him to work successfully in his position as project manager for DSI.

Since 2002, Mr Mamedof runs P-TEC as Managing Director together with Mr Hölzl, and is active internationally.

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