machine and plant technology

control systems for sleeper production

plant automation Control system, “the heart of a manufacturing plant”
Automated control systems represent an important interface with the user, and are the basis for an efficient manufacturing process. Apart from control systems for sleeper production, P-TEC also conceives and programs individual controllers for diverse manufacturing equipment.

We generate and supply automation and control concepts in accordance with the latest standards, and provide suitable visualization to ensure utmost plant efficiency and availability. Hereby, P-TEC attaches great importance to clear user guidance, optimum plant overview, and control of machine sequences.

Frequently, plants built up with components from different suppliers do not have a consistent, overall control concept. This often leads to problems in plant availability, maintenance and care, as well as difficulties in trouble-shooting. Here, P-TEC offers complete and consistent solutions, whereby all customer-specific processing requirements are taken into account.

Moreover, a remote maintenance option is available for program extensions, modifications, and updates. This enables modifications or support for the operator to be implemented immediately and cost-effectively.

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